Saturday, March 31, 2007

who cares who wore it better!

its equally HOT!

thats it!! this is officially my summer hair

im so in love with this look right now

Back to the fuschia

My favorite new lip gloss shade! nars lip lacquer "hot wired" its the perfect pink, fun but not too overpowering. i fall more and more in love with nars after each sephora visit

Thursday, March 29, 2007

press play

aiight let me get off of this mofo and go to the gym. not now but RIGHT NOW! toodles!

the sane twins

Tia and Tamara in the audience of the Eduardo Lucero Runway show

im getting the urge to buy white shoes

im gonna be a rebel and put these yachts in a pair of sexy saltine bangers

aldo shoes:copacabanna

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

black nail polish? check! well...maybe not. i thought about giving this trend a spin but it looks better with stubby nails-aside from the fact that i hate the look of chipped nails. the main reason i dont wear colored polish now. aside from all that the new trend is said to be white polish? i remember doing that with white out in middle school. who comes up with this stuff lol. ehh at the end of the day do you i guess. glad eve got rid of those shaggy dog bangs

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh Deer!

it's quite apparent that oh deer shoes refuses to hop off of christian louboutin's siizzack with the continuous replicas, but really i cant say im mad about these. matter of factly i can see a pair for me somewhere in the near future.

Benny Ninja!!

so..yeah im about 4 days late and a dollar short but i didnt catch episode four of cycle 8 (ANTM) until sunday night. Not that it matters but i just HAD to rave about benny ninja! (father of house of vogue) was he not the highlight of that episode? His whole "vogue" segment had me DYING! he is truely is that dude. he takes his "craft" so seriously cant help but love him. I hope tyra makes him a regular on this show like with nigel.

rate joss stones new look

she finaly ditched her hippie garb and stepped into 2007. the verdict is still out on the hair (color)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Kimora Lee Simmons:KLS Collection (still not satisfied)

so i know its been discussed numerous times about how kimora needed to release a "high end" line that inclued the bangin pieces we see on the baby phat runwayand to make up for the lack luster pieces we see in stores. well..she did-and it still sucks ass. it looks as if they atually took the cat off of the regular babyphat apparel from spring 05'and tried to spin it as exclusive. um...who you think you foolin? i know shit when i smell it. there's no way you're charging me $250+ for the gah-bege

From her new spanish album Como Ama una Mujer. These have to be the most beautiful earrings ive seen in a cool minute.

a few more clips from bee...

Freakum dress

Green Light

Y-3 Adidas Summer 2007

kelly rowlands new video "like this"

that gold dress is the BIZ-naz!