Saturday, June 30, 2007

well....? who did it better?

hot dress but im not sure if either did it justice (based on this picture) but i still love kelly osbourne, and aside from the wig there's not much she can do wrong imo

Thursday, June 28, 2007

dope girl fresh

a few months back after seeing kelis's pair of white bamboo earrings and giving up hope that i would ever find them i decided to take initiative and spray paint a few pairs for myself. So naturally i was tickled to see these cuties from "love park" for sale @
these babies scream summer on top of the price being beyond right.

Get it shawty!

teen supreme model Gerren Taylor is set to star in the upcoming BET series "Baldwin Hills" (yes an MTV rip-off) a reality show following the day to day nothings of black teens living in the "upscale" section of los angeles Baldwin Hills. Catch the hour long season premiere on Tuesday July 10th @ 10pm. Gerren is also featured in the Daryl Roberts Documentary "America the Beautiful" discussing her dissapearance from the runways, and the uglier side of the industry.

put your records on

sweet on: nylon windbreakers

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BET awards "stuff"

Best performance of the night-sans the whole robo cop thing

Beyonce kelly and eve-song medley-(bet awards)-xvid-2007
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pvc leggings: proceed with caution

like it or not they're here. in all their squeakiness i cant help but to sort of dig them. but dont hold your breath i wont be buying a pair as they are NOT for everyone