Thursday, September 27, 2007

Casual Fridays


long and strong

im talking about the tights of course. Im all over this look-short ladies may already have this problem? so yeah these topshop leggings reminiscent of stirrups were on the brain for a few days and i thought how hot would they be with a pair of these?

Which is jeffrey campbells more economical and not half bad version of this burberry prorsum sandal

yeah im still a little obsessed with the studs, not to mention im rambling, but its been a minute since i've posted and i have alot of things bumbling in my brain...

back to the original topic, long .. lean..

one of my favorite hobo's had the look on lock with her Kova & T leather look cut out leggings

Sunday, September 23, 2007

teyana taylor for TRACE magazine

(yes the super sweet 16 girl) Star track artist and heatherette darling teyana taylor covers this months issue of trace magazine.This probably crushes my dreams of kelis ever getting back with the neptunes. she's got cutesey style..for a 16 year old at least. check out some of her tracks and more pics

We fly high..

how hip-hop is betsey johnson? i'm a pretty big an of her jewelry line, but had to chuckle at these dipset inspired heavy-weight neck pieces. guaranteed to grab attention

samsung x armani

samsung SGH-P520 is the latest addition to the fashion designer/technology trend. This is a touchscreen smartphone a la the iphone, retailing at almost the same price- $522 to be exact. Armani is also said to be releasing an LCD television with the electronics giant.

baby its raining more than ever...

an ode to my wet weekend. shoes you can use

t-b:marc jacobs,tory burch,chooka,urban outfitters

sex and the city: the movie

oh's coming. carrie and the gang on the set of the SATC movie.