Tuesday, May 22, 2007

e-v-e's new look, and the return of fetish

yay? nay? naybe?

...on the set of her new music video. it looks fun cant wait to see it. In other eve news this coming holiday season will mark the return of her halted clothing line "fetish" - think we all were dissapointed with that one. This time around she's ditched marc ekco fora new partnership with Signature Apparel and seems to be doing it the right way. WWD reports "the holiday re-launch will show an entirely new mix of product for a contemporary customer, rather than the junior sportswear customer the brand used to target. He said it will not be logo-driven and will offer a range of products, from premium jeans ranging from $98 to $198 at retail to leather jackets that retail for up to $1,500."
Should i be excited again or prepare myself for another let down?