Tuesday, October 23, 2007

where's the dereon?

so i never got to touch on this, a rumor that hasn't really been denied or confirmed. That being the issue with jennifer hudson being picked over beyonce for the part in the sex and the city movie-and honestly looking at the mess they have jen dressed so far i wouldnt feel so bad about it. But thats here nor there. here's the gospel according to media fakeout:

" producers were soured by the prospect of casting Beyonce because of certain demands that she made as a condition of her being part of the cast. Amongst some of her demands, she was rumored to have insisted that her movie wardrobe consist only of items from the House of Dereon (hers and Tina Knowles' line) clothing line."

are you shitting me? save for her quarterly TRL visits and dereon promotional events, Bee doesnt wear house of dereon herself! when's the last YOU saw beyonce in h.o.d?